The Book of Luke

“Lessons from Luke” – 27% of the N.T. is written by Luke and all to one man name Theophilus? Luke wanted his friend to be certain of his faith, his full potential & Christ love.

“What you Missed Jesus Saying” – John the Baptist missed some of what Jesus said about him. Throughout life we need to listen closely to all that Jesus says to us and about us.

“Jesus Hears Your Cries” – In this Story from Luke 8 we learn that Jesus hears our cries even from across the lake. When he hears he responds in his timing because he loves us as his own children.

“Jesus is in Control” – As we continue to look at the book of Luke we realize that Jesus is in complete control of everything… The question we need to ask ourselves is have we allowed Jesus to be in control of us.

“Healing” The book of Luke is filled with stories of Jesus healing people. The amazing thing is that Jesus still wants to heal people today because he loves people.