I Love Church

I know it might sound crazy… but we love church at Root River. Listen to this weeks message to discover some of Pastor Mike’s reasons why he loves church based out of Matthew 16.

In Matthew 28 Jesus gave His church a mission… to ‘go & make disciples’. I love church when the mission of the church is in focus.

Could your friendships be a large part of your overall church satisfaction, spiritual heal & even physical health? Find out from Acts 2 & Hebrews 10 how the early church loved church friendships.

Ever wonder if God is calling you into a church leadership role? Find out some things you maybe never knew as we study what the Bible says about Elders, Deacons & Pastors.

1 Corinthians 12 compares our human bodies & their many parts to the body of Christ. God has a role for you to play in the church body that makes a difference in the kingdom of God.

Within our human bodies we have DNA that makes us all unique. Likewise, every church body has it’s own DNA. Listen and find out some of Root River Community Church’s DNA 🙂