Give Honor to Marriage

(Part 1) Giving honor to marriage is not the norm in our current culture nor throughout history. Still, it is God’s idea & the writer of Hebrews tells us to give honor to it.

(Part 2) What was marriage like in the beginning of time & how does it resemble the beginning of marriage relationships today?

(Part 3) We need to continue to give honor to what the Bible defines as marriage. With that in mind… what does the Bible really say about homosexuality?

(Part 4) What does every man need? Wives, learn how you can motive your man through cheering him on.

(Part 5) What does every woman need? Men, discover what your wife really needs from you and how the Bible tells you to lead.

(Part 6) What does the Bible really say about adultery? Could it really happen in your marriage and if so what should you do to avoid it?

(Part 7) To fall in love you just need a heartbeat but to stay in love you need a heart change. How can your marriage thrive and not just survive?