Fixer Upper

Just how a contractor builds beautiful homes God can make your home & marriage beautiful again if you hand him the keys. Listen in & learn how you can love your spouse even through differences.

What does it take to have a great home? One thing is to get rid of all of the junk in it. Sometimes in order to have a great marriage & unending love we need to get rid of our junk too.

Learn some great Biblical parenting tips from special guest speaker Jim Syverson as part of our Fixer Upper Series

Men, how do we make sure our wives are overflowing with a sense of being loved?

Wives, find out what your husband needs to make his “love bucket” overflowing.

There is no greater joy then to see our children & grandchildren walk with the Lord. How can we help open up their eyes & how can we realize that whatever we are walking through God is w/ us.

When looking to learn how to fix something up around the house we often look to experts to see how they do it. In the same way, God is the ultimate Father so we look to him as to how to influence our children & grandchildren. God the Father… Listens, Disciplines, Gives Gifts & Speaks Blessing.

God is looking for men that he can pour out His Spirit upon & who will be dedicated to building their homes on the foundation of Jesus Christ.