What do we all deserve in light of eternity? Jesus came full of grace and truth and you really can’t appreciate the grace of God until you understand the truth that Scripture reveals.

Every person will either spend their eternity in Heaven or Hell. So what is Hell going to be like? Find out what the Bible has to say.

Many people think that an eternal Hell cannot be real because “God is Love”. Is it really “fair” for an all loving God to “send” people there? Find out what the Bible says

We all want to go to Heaven but are some people under a false assumption that they will go? What does the Bible say?

Satan’s goal is not just to get us to doubt Heaven but to get us to doubt that Heaven will actually be good. He has created a lie that Heaven will be a boring place where we will spend eternity singing songs, strumming on harps & floating on clouds. How did this happen? Is it true? Fortunately, the Bible tells us otherwise.